Kidz READ to Dogz
R.E.A.D.ing is FUN
Reading Education Assistance Dogs are members of Intermountain Therapy Animals, a nonprofit organization, launched in 1999 as the first comprehensive literacy program built around the appealing idea of reading to dogs.

How does the R.E.A.D. Program work? R.E.A.D. utilizes registered therapy animals that have been trained and tested for health, safety, appropriate skills and temperament. When these special animals come to hear children read, its fun!

But why dogs?

Animals are ideal reading companions because they help increase relaxation and lower blood pressure, listen attentively, do not judge, laugh or criticize and allow children to proceed at their own pace and are less intimidating than peers.


R.E.A.D. programs are being implemented all across the country in:

elementary schools


preschools and childcare facilities

before- and after-school programs

healthcare facilities

boys and girls clubs

youth detention facilities

Creative new ideas and variations occur with our teams all the time!


Participating kids make enormous strides in reading and communication skills while, along the way, building self-esteem, confidence, and social skills.

Contact WTTD for available R.E.A.D. teams in Shelby County and West Tennessee

Contact Safety Spotters for available R.E.A.D. teams in counties east of Fayette County

Visit Lottie Dot All Around READing Dogs

Content from ITA's R.E.A.D. Brochure TherapyAnimals.org