Loved Past WTTD Members

  PENNY has passed over the Rainbow Bridge

Miss Penny THD left all 'penniless' and poor indeed when she departed this life. Working in an elder assisted living facility and in a hospice, she lifted spirits and made smiles where there hadn't been any. As a R.E.A.D. dog, she helped many children at the Library learn to enjoy reading. Many times Penny was the first dog a child had ever petted. She always conducted herself with the regal dignity the Shetland Sheepdog breed is known for. Penny is missed.


  Tobey Has Passed Over the Rainbow Bridge
Tobey and his owner, Deborah, were a registered therapy-dog team from 2005 to 2012. They visited hospitals, assisted living facilities, and the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library, where Tobey was a popular Reading Education Assistance Dog. As a result of their volunteer work, Tobey and Deborah were featured on a poster at FedEx, where Deborah works. In 2012, Deborah retired Tobey as a therapy dog and moved from her condo to an acre and a half in Mississippi. Tobey enjoyed his retirement in the country until passing over the Rainboe Bridge at the age of 16.
Good dog, Tobey! We'll never forget you.

  Sammie has Gone to the Rainbow Bridge
Sammie is a rescued, senior Bearded Collie that was adopted by Anne after her nationally ranked Beardie, Andy, died. After a little detective work by Anne she discovered that Sammie and Andy came from the same well known breeder.  Anne was thrilled to have another Beardie and after a very short training period, Sammie started going to St. Jude.  The children referred to her as " the shaggy dog" and she also appeared in several publications advertising for St. Jude. Sammie's career was cut short by losing her hearing a few years later.... Sammy has now passed over the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you, Sammie.
  Kicker has passed over the Rainbow Bridge

Kicker and Jo Anne were a team for many years. Jo Anne states that "he was amazing at what he did and I was just lucky to be along for the ride." Kicker was one of the last remaining teams that started the program at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital years ago. Kicker was the only dog nominated as "Volunteer of the Year" at St Jude. He also started the pet therapy program at the West Clinic Cancer Center.   Some of his favorite visits were to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, The Exceptional Foundation, Temple Israel Early Learning Center and Memphis International Airport.  Kicker was invited to be introduced at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City in honor of his work as a therapy dog. Kicker was an amazing dog and is deeply missed.

  L.E. has passed over the Rainbow Bridge

L.E. became the #1 most titled stockdog PULI in the world as she competed at the advanced level on both sheep and ducks (21 titles). She qualified as a Therapy Dog and made visits to autistic children and nursing homes. L.E. entertained the Children at the Juvenile Detention Center every other Saturday. With her long cords and sweet personality she is a Super Star and everybody knows her name! L.E. will be missed!

  Chloe has passed over the Rainbow Bridge

Chloe was a bloodhound that began her life with Lisa Hiatt as a search and rescue K9 with a local Sheriff’s dept. . After noticing the soothing affect her huggable personality had at search scenes, she told Lisa that she would really love to visit people who needed a smile or encouragement on a difficult day. Chloe loved Lisa’s homemade liver cookies, hugs, ear rubs and loved to play fetch in the water. Chloe, you were loved and will be missed.

  Lucy has passed over the Rainbow Bridge

Lucy, was a senior golden retriever,and a highly accomplished field trial competitor.  Lucy retired after achieving the status of Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion.  After Lucy and Laurie both retired, it became important to them to give back after their successful careers.  LeBonheur was their first choice to volunteer.  Although Lucy was an enthusiastic competitor, she was also gentle, eager to please and loved the children at LeBonheur. Lucy, you were deeply loved and will be deeply missed.

  Tootsie is Retired and Enjoying the Easy Life

Tootsie retired on Dec. 31, 2016 at the age of 13 after serving as a Therapy Dog for over 8 years.She worked as a hospice volunteer and visited in nursing homes. Tootsie was also a valued R.E.A.D. Member and served at the Bartlett Library for over 5 years. >Thank you, Tootsie, for your many years of service. Enjoy your retirement.

  Lexie has passed over the Rainbow Bridge

Lexie was a Labradoodle who had unusual green eyes. Lexie loved her weekly visits to LeBonheur Children's Hospital where she put lots of smiles on the faces of children, parents and staff.  Lexie's most favorite thing to do was retrieve a toy or a ball. Lexie was quite a good swimmer and loved to play with other dogs.  Lexie you will be deeply missed

  Jinx has retired at the age of 15 after years of Service

Kyle's Jammin Jinx is an affectionate Beagle who just loved her "visits" to my grandmother's nursing home from the time she was a puppy.  Since she loved "visiting", we registered her as Therapy Dog in 2009 and were proud to join the WTTD team and ATD in 2013.  Jinx was a hospice volunteer with Crossroads Hospice and primarily visited with the elderly in nursing homes and memory care facilities.  Jinx is now a senior citizen herself and at the age of 15 has developed some health problems. While she is retiring as an official Therapy Dog she loves praticing her visiting skills to everyone who stops by the house. Enjoy your senior years and naps, Jinx. You have earned it! Thank you for your many years of service.